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in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


St. Tttattf, & 

Sc&<Hit and flcatio>i (Z&ttefye 


&&e a titty 4,foa , i& orf £iie 
Saint "TTtaief d Spirit eoi£6 Cutler. 
"7^.aua4. at timed it may awev dew., 
It cvitt attvaya. live in our 6ea.rt4. 

The class of 1953 wrote a song which stated a commonplace but 
extremely important idea. Although this idea has often been incor- 
porated in songs, we feel that the lyrics of our song surpass the average 
in expressing Saint Mary's Spirit. 

We, the editors of the 1953 Stage Coach, adopted this idea because 
we feel that the words, Saint Mary's Spirit, make us conscious of the 
meaning of close associations. In showing the various aspects of life 
at Saint Mary's, we have tried to add in word and picture the in- 
tangible which symbolizes the lingering Saint Mary's Spirit which 
will always live in our hearts. 



1 ** 


f\\ r snic 
B a i i * rr> 

i i - 



Unlimited patience, understanding, and school spirit are char- 
acteristics of the man who willingly devotes his time and interests to 
Saint Mary's students. His genuine friendliness extends to each girl, 
and his co-operation to every group. In accordance with this co- 
operative spirit, he attends all school functions, thereby making our 
efforts seem worthwhile. 

It is therefore with immeasurable gratitude and joy that we dedicate 
the 1953 Stage Coach to 





A.B., Western Maryland College; Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University: L.H.D.. Western 
Maryland College. Saint Mary's 1946-. 

He has wholeheartedly supported all our activities and guided us wisely through our years 
at Saint Mary's. We will remember him not only as an excellent president, but also as a helpful 
and understanding friend. 


Her willingness, devotion, interest, 
and understanding have impressed 
upon us the Saint Mary's Spirit. Her 
guidance, encouragement, and in- 
spiration have contributed to our 
achievements and to our discovery of 
a deeper understanding of life. 
Through her memorable and out- 
standing qualities she has placed 
upon us a permanent mark which 
represents the best of Saint Mary's. 


Our memories of Saint Mary's 
will certainly include Mr. Hughes, 
his devotion, sincerity, and guidance, 
all of which have helped to create 
in us a greater respect for the serious 
side of life. In the classroom, on the 
campus, and in the chapel, he has 
shown us the Christian way of every- 
day living, thereby increasing our 
appreciation of life and our love for 
Saint Mary's. 

7^ ^acuity 

Elizabeth Basen Home Economics 

A.B., Flora Macdonald College; M.A., Columbia 
University. Saint Mary's, 1924-. 

Helen Blackiston Biology, Hygiene 

B.S., M.A., at Columbia University. Saint Marv's, 

Ernestine Boineau Commercial Subjects 

A.B., VVinthrop College; further study at Southern 
Business University and Appalachian State Teachers 
College. Saint Mary's, 1950-. 

Janet R. Broughton Mathematics and French 

A.B., Lindenwood College; M.A., Oberlin College. 
Saint Mary's, 1940-. 

Russell Broughton, Head of Music Department, 

Organ, Harmony, History of Music 
Mus.B., Mus.M., Oberlin College; Fellow of the 
American Guild of Organists; Pi Kappa Lambda 
Estey scholarship, Conservatoire Americain, Fontaine- 
bleau; pupil in organ of George Whitfield Andrews, 
Henri Libert: in theory, of A. E. Heacox: in compo- 
sition of G. W. Andrews, Nadi Boulanger: impro- 
visation, of Marcel Dupre. Saint Mary's, 1940-. 

Helen Abel Brown Librarian 

A.B., M.A., Middlebury College; A.B. in Library 
Science, University of Michigan. Saint Mary's, 1937-. 

Mary Johnson Browne Assistant in the Library 

A.B., Meredith College; M.A., West Virginia Uni- 
versity. Saint Mary's, 1952-. 

Owens Hand Browne Chemistry 

BS., North Carolina State College; Ph.D., The 
Johns Hopkins University. Saint Mary's, 1950-. 

Peggy Jean Cameron Physical Education 

B.S., The Woman's College of The University of 
North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 1951-. 

Geraldine Spinks Cate Voice, Glee Club 

A.B., University of South Carolina; Mus.B., West- 
minster Choir College; M.A. in Music, Teachers 
College, Columbia University; pupil of Julie Bell 
Soudant. Saint Mary's, 1940-.' 

Louise Keith Cell English 

B.A., Texas State College for Women; M.A., South- 
ern Methodist University. Saint Marv's, January 

Florence C. Davis Speech and Theatre Arts 

Bachelor of Oratory, Emerson College; pupil of Edith 
Herrick; Feagin School; Teachers College, Columbia 
University. Saint Mary's, 191 1-. 

William C. Guess Head of Department 

History and Social Sciences 
A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., The Johns 
Hopkins University. Saint Mary's, 1928-. 

Mary Ruth Haig Piano 

De Pauw University School of Music; Graduate in 
piano, pupil of James Friskin, Julliard School of 
Music: B.S. in Music Education, Teachers College, 
Columbia University; M.S. in Piano, Julliard School 
of Music; pupil of Sascha Gorodnitzki, pupil of 
Robert and Gaby Casadesus, Conservatoire Ameri- 
cain, Fontainebleau. Saint Mary's, 1937-. 

*76c 'pacutty 

Camilla Hoy Spanish, French 

A.B., M.A., University of South Carolina. 

Israel Harding Hughes Bible 

A.B., University of North Carolina; B.D., Epsicopal 
Theological School, Cambridge, Mass. Saint Mary's, 
1942-. ' 

Martha Dabney Jones English 

Graduate of Saint Mary's; A.B., Sweet Briar College; 
M.A., University of North Carolina. Saint Marv's, 

Sara Esther Jones English 

B.S., Asheville College; M.A., George Peabody 
College for Teachers. Saint Mary's, 1947-. 

Dorothy Lambert English, History 

A.B., Hood College. Saint Mary's, 1952-. 

Annie Ruth Lineberry Ala/hematics 

A.B., Meredith College; M.A., Columbia Univeristy. 

Saint Mary's, 1927-. 

Hilda Rae Liverman 

Head of Department, Physical Education 
B.S., The Woman's College of The University of 
North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 1949-. 

Charles Albert Petigru Moore 

Head of Department, English 
A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina. Saint 
Mary's 1935-. 

Katherine Morris Art, History of Art 

Graduate of Saint Mary's; Studied further at Uni- 
versity ol North Carolina, Meredith College, Woman's 
College of University of North Carolina, Abbot 
School of Art, New York School of Fine and Applied 
Art. Saint Mary's, 1945-. 

Mabel Margaret Morrison. Psychology, Latin, History 
A.B., M.A., Dalhousie University; Ph.D., University 
of Toronto. Saint Mary's, 1929-. 

Eugene F. Parker German, Spanish 

B.S., Norwich University, Northfield, Vt.; M.A., 
Ph.D., Harvard University. Saint Mary's, 1947-. 

Watson K. Partrick Bible , Latin, Algebra 

A.B., University of North Carolina. Saint Mary's, 

Donald Peery Piano, Theory 

Mus. B., Oberlin College; M.A., Teachers College, 
Columbia University; pupil of Rosalyn Tureck and 
Frank Sheridan, New York; Adjudicator, National 
Guild Auditions. Saint Mary's, 1940-41; 1944-. 

Julienne Mongin Smith 

Head of French Department, French, Spanish 
A.B., M.A., University of South Carolina; Certificat 
d'Etudes, Sorbonne, Paris. Saint Mary's, 1943-. 

Cornelia R. Winton Accompanist 

A.B., University of Chattanooga; M.A., Duke Uni- 
versity; Certificate in Piano, Cadek Conservatory, 
Chattanooga, Tenn. Saint Mary's, 1947-. 


9 S ' 


Alice Coleman Boyle, Switchboard Operator; Bessie B. Brown, In charge of Post Office and Bookstore: Evie Cal- 
lahan, Housekeeper; Mary Jane Collins Hornback, Hostess; Julia Jordan, Secretary; Felicie Manget, R.N , 
Resident Nurse; Catherine Jane Nicholson Peete, A.B., Alumnae Secretary: Lillian Pope, Assistant Dietitian; 
Mary Lewis Sasscr, Secretary; Delia Truitt, Dietitian; Elizabeth Gordon Tucker, Secretary to the President; 
Frances Vann, Secretary. 


■ mH* '" 

» i^. .■ J --^wr 



■ 99 ■ n 

55 |p 

Settiai &tate> 


Paula Whitaker 

Becky Gordon 


Frances- Wright Kelly 


Carolyn Landis 




Emilie Norwood Adams Ahoskie, N. C. 

actress, Pika pin, poetry 

Legislative Body '52-'53; President of Dra- 
matics Club '52-'53; Bowling All Star '51-'52; 
Editor of Bulletin '53-'53; Belles Staff '50 
'52; Stage Coach Staff '52-'53; Altar Guild 
'52-'53; Sophomore Superlative '51; Christ- 
mas Pageant '52; Merchant of Venice '51 
Taming of the Shrew '50; Seventeen '52; Twelve 
Pound Look '52; Hall Counselor '52-'53; Mu. 

Elizabeth Lorraine Allen 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Navy, Home Ec, reserved 

Canterbury Club "51-'53; Altar Guild '52 
'53; Vice-Counselor '52-'53; Sigma. 

Nancy Vandiver Booth Charlotte, N. C. 

hard worker, locked doors, "Shhh, Pat,'" 

Belles Staff '52-'53; Stage Coach Business 
Staff '51-'52; Assistant Editor-in-Chief of 
Stage Coach '52-'53; Hall Rcprcscntatvc 
'51-'52; Counselor '52-'53; Altar Guild "51- 
'53; Christmas Pageant '52; Sigma Pi Alpha 
'53; Nominating Committee "51-'53; Canter- 
bury Club '51 -'53; Treasurer "52-"53; Acolyte 
'52-'53; Mu Circle '53. 

Louise Vance Brand Urbana, Ohio 

Duke, Yankee, our twin 

Choir '50-'53; Glee Club '50-'52; Ensemble 
'52; Altar Guild "52-'53; Vice-Counselor 
'52-'53; Granddaughters' Club '50-'53: 
Stage Coach Business Staff '50-'53; Christ- 
mas Pageant '52; Dramatics Club "50-"51: 
Orchesis '52-'53; May Day Pageant '52; Life 
Saving '52-'53: Sigma. 

Rachel Newell Brooks Roxboro. X. C. 

sincere, "Joan of Arc," conscientious 

Y.W.C.A. '51-'53; Honor Council '51-"53: 
Secretary of Student Government "52-'53: 
Choir '51-'53; Choir Mother '52-'53; Hall 
Counselor '52-'53; Mu. 

Barbara Llewellyn Brown, Raleigh. X. C. 

pretty, walk, ski-jump 

Secretary and Treasurer of Day Students 
'52-'53: Sigma. 



Donna Jeanne Bull Greenville, S. C. 

athletic, South Carolina, "susler" 

Y.W.C.A. '51-'53; Basketball All Star '52; 
Volleyball All Star '52; Letter Club '52-'53; 
Altar Guild '52-'53; Hall Counselor 
'52-'53; Chairman of Legislature '52-'53; 
Circle '52-'53; Christmas Pageant '52; Sigma 
President '52-'53. 

Betty Ruth Byrum Edenton, N. C. 

Mags Head, Holt kitchen, sweet 

Altar Guild '52-'53; Y.W.C.A. '51-'53; Hall 
Representative '52-'53; Mu. 

Anne Rawlins Carlton 

North Wilkesboro, N. C. 

'y'all," Brooks Recreation Center, blue eyes' 

Canterbury Club '52-' 53; Hall Representa- 
tive '51-'52; Hall Counselor '52-'53; Belles 
Staff '51-'53; Manager of Badminton Team 
'52; Altar Guild '52-'53; Sigma. 

Barbara Virginia Carter Atlanta, Ga. 

dark beauty, Georgia peach, neat 

Canterbury Club '51-'53; Glee Club '52-'53; 
Mu Cheerleader '51-'53; Manager of Swim- 
ming Team '52; May Court '52; Marshal 
'52-'53; Sigma Pi Alpha '53; Christmas 
Pageant '52; Vice-Counselor '52-'53; Senior 
Life Saving '53; Stage Coach Staff '52-'53; 
Altar Guild '51-'53; Mu. 

Susan Kirkland Chamblee Richmond, Va. 

jet hair, soft voice, Virginia gal 
Belles Staff' 51-' 53; Mu. 

Martha Ann Cope Raleigh, N. C. 

211, happy-go-lucky, everybody's girl 

Vice-President of Day Students '52-'53; 





Blanche Bonner Correli. 

Laurinburg, X. C. 
"Belie," that drawl, angel face 

Choir '51-'53; Granddaughters' Club '51- 
'53.; Vice-President '52-'53; Hall Counselor 
'52-'53; Orchesis '52-'53; Canterbury Club 
'51-'53; Altar Guild '51-'53; Belles Staff 
'51-'53; Senior Pageant '52; Stage Coach 
Staff '52-'53; Chapel Server '52-'53; Mu. 

Mary Virginia Currin Meredithvillc, Va. 

Ginger, quiz kid, sweet 

Y.W.G.A. '51-'53; Bulletin Staff '51-'53; 
Belles Staff '51-'53; Sigma Pi Alpha '51-'53; 
Secretary and Treasurer '52-'53; Mu. 

Patricia Baglev Daniels Raleigh, N. C. 

— N, foggy, red head 

Day Student Representative and Honor 
Council '50-'53; Orchesis '51-'53; Stage 
Coach Business Staff '50-'51; Sigma. 

Mary Anderson Davenport 

Timmonsville, S. C. 
Deedee, pep, "Cry Baby" 

Glee Club '49-'52; Choir '49-'52; Beacon 
'50-'51; All Stars Life Saving '49-'51; All 
Star Hockey '50-'52; Mu Hockev Captain 
'51-'52; All Star Swimming '49-'51; All 
Star Softball '50-'52; President of Mus 
•51-'52; \'ice-Prcsident of Mus '52-'53; Hall 
Counselor '52-'53; Hall Representative '49- 
'50; Letter Club '50-'53: Circle '52-'53, Sec- 
retary '52-'53; Doctor's Daughters Club, 
Secretary '52-' 53; Dance Marshal '50-' 52; 
Marshal' '52-'53; Dramatics Club '52-'53; 
Christmas Pageant '52; Sophomore Super- 
lative '51; Athletic Award '51-'54; Hockey 
Award '52; Mu. 

Jo Frances Eaddy Raleigh. X. C. 

vitality, ad getter, crazy 

Business Manager of Stage Coach '52-'53; 
Sigma Pi Alpha '53: Sigma. 

Xell Deans Eley Ahoskie, X. C. 

leadership, versatility, our gal 

Belles Staff '49-'52; Headline Editor '51-'52: 
Y.W.C.A. '49-\53: Beacon '50-'51; Secre- 
tary-Treasurer '50-'51; Legislative Body '50- 
'51; Student Vestry '50-'51; President Junior 
Class "5 1 -"52; Vice-President of Sigmas 
'51-'52; Circle '52-'53; Sigma Pi Alpha '51- 
'53; President Student Government "52-"53: 
Vice-Counselor '52-"53; Letter Club '52-"53; 
Basketball All Star '52: Hockev Captain 
'52: Volleyball All Star '52; Sigma. 



Sara Cheves Fair Greenville, S. C. 

lovable, friendly, South Carolina belle 

Canterbury Club '51-'53; Stage Coach 
Staff '51-'53; Orchesis '52-'53; Marshal 
'52-'53; Chief Dance Marshal '52-'53; Sigma; 
May Queen '53. 

Patricia Anne Flowers Atlanta, Ga. 

lovely voice, scatterbrain, smile 

Y.W.C.A. '51-'53; Christmas Pageant '52; 
Dance Marshal '51-'52; Stage Coach Staff 
'52-'53; Dramatics Club '52-'53; Belles Staff 
'52-'53; Ensemble '52-'53; Choir '51-'53; 
Glee Club '51-'53; Doctor's Daughters Club 
'51-'53; Sigma. 

Elizabeth Creech Gillett Enfield, N. C. 
"parties make the world go round,'" helpful, Lib 
Y.W.C.A.; Mu. 

Rebecca Ann Gordon South Hill, Va. 

natural, easy-going, Assembly 

Y.W.C.A. '51-'53; Stage Coach Business 
Staff '51-'53; Acolyte '52-'53; Business Man- 
ager of Belles '52-'53; Vice-Counselor '52- 
'53; Dance Marshal '52-'53; Vice-President 
Senior Class '52-'53; Altar Guild '51-'53; 
Assembly Chairman '52-'53; Mu. 

Betsy Ross Gorham Nashville, N. C. 

well groomed, "Vogue," sincerity 

Y.W.C.A. '51-'53; Doctor's Daughters Club 
'51-'53; Sigma Pi Alpha '53; Vice-Coun- 
selor '52-'53; Mu. 

Elizabeth Chandler Gwaltney 

Durham, N. C. 
going home, conscientious, wedding bells 
Dramatics Club '52-'53; Choir '52-'53; Mu. 



Shirley Ann Habel Raleigh, N. C. 

brains, dependability, industry 

Dav Student Hall Counselor '52-'53; Sigma 
Pi Alpha '51-'53; President '52-'53; Dra- 
matics Club '52-'53; Mu. 

Sylvia Ann Hamer Lenoir, N. C. 

Syb, neat V sweet, little lady 

Stage Coach '51-'53; Doctor's Daughters 
Club '50-'53; Honor Council '51 -'53; Vice- 
Counselor '52-'53; Marshal '52-'53; May 
Court '52; Sigma Pi Alpha '53; Christmas 
Pageant '52; Circle '52-'53; Cheerleader 
'51-'52; Mu. 

Harriet Hortense Harris 

Franklinton, N. C. 

musical, natural curls, good lookin 

Glee Club '51-'53; President '51-'53: Choir 
'51-'53; Assistant Organist '51-'53; Secretary 
of Hall Council '52-'53; Hall Counselor 
'52-'53; Sigma. 

Elizabeth Adrienne Huffman 

Hickory, N. C. 

S<i>E, style, the easy way out 

Canterbury Club '51-'53; Altar Guild '51- 
'53; Dramatics Club '51-'53; Seventeen '52; 
Taming of the Shrew '52; Christmas Pageant 
'52; Nominating Committee '52-'53; Stage 
Coagh Staff '51-'53; Vice-Counselor '52-'53; 
Chief Marshal '52-'53; May Court '52; 
Basketball All Star '52; Mu. 

Lucy Genevieve James Raleigh, N. C. 

Gennie, Strawberry blond 

Stace Coach Business Staff "52-'53: Sigma 
Pi Alpha '51-'53; Dramatics Club '51-'52: 
Taming of the Shrew '52; Senior Pageant 
52; Sigma. 

Frances-Wright Kelly Culpeper, Va. 

Air force, sun-Ian, bride books 

Canterbury Club '51-'53; Secretary Senior 
Class '52-'53; Hall Counselor '52-'53; Mu. 



Eleanor Elizabeth Lancaster 

Raleigh, N. C. 

El, little-bit, troubles 

Carolyn Loving Landis Charlotte, N. C. 

middy blouses, laugh, "put-put" 

Canterbury Club '51-'52; Altar Guild '52- 
'53; Mu Cheerleader '51 -'53; Belles Staff 
'52-'53; Bulletin Staff '52-'53; Stage Coach 
Staff '51-'53; Treasurer of Senior Class 
'52-'53; Orchesis '51-'53; Secretary '52-'53; 

Doris Ann Lineberger Lincolnton, N. C. 

SAE, clothes, sweetness 

Christmas Pageant '52; Dance Marshal 
'52-'53; Sigma Pi Alpha '53; Sigma. 

Elizabeth Lynn Raleigh, N. C. 

Li, witty, scatterbrain 

Dramatics Club '51 -'53; Publicity Chairman 
'51-'52; Seventeen '52; Taming of the Shrew '52; 
Day Student Hall Counselor '52-'53; Secre- 
tary-Treasurer Sigma Pi Alpha '52-'53; 
Belles Staff '52-'53; Sigma. 

Laura Deane Matheson 

Ahoskie, N. C. 

petite, snow queen, "Miss Jones says" 

Y.W.C.A. '49-'53; Secretary '52-'53; Doctor's 
Daughters Club '49-'53; Secretary '52-'53; 
Secretary of Sophomore Class '50-'51; Sec- 
retary of Junior class '51 -'52; Secretary of 
Constitution Committee '51 -'52; Belles Staff 
'52-'53; Editor of Headlines '52-'53; Stage 
Coach Business Staff "51 -'53 ; Dramatics 
Club '52-'53; Orchesis '52-'53; Hall Coun- 
selor '52-'53; Chairman of Hall Council 
'52-'53; Christmas Pageant '52; Legislative 
Body '52-'53; Beacon '50-'51; Circle '52-'53; 
May Day Pageant '50; Sigma. 

Isabella Mebane Huntsville, Ala. 

Brains, music, dependable 

Belles Staff '52-'53; Choir '51-'53; Glee Club 
'51 -'53; Ensemble "5 1 -'53; Sigma. 



Margaret Davis Mitchiner Raleigh, N. C. 

blondie, that gab 
Sigma Pi Alpha '53; Sigma. 

Georgia Hickmott Moore 

Washington, D. C. 
Annapolis, campus slips, teasing Louise 
Canterbury Club '50-'53; Granddaughters' 
Club '50-'53; Business Manager of Belles 
'51-'52; May Day Pageant '52; Orchesis 
'52-'53; Sigma Pi Alpha '53; Crucifer 
'52-'53; Hall Counselor '52-'53; Altar Guild 
'51 -'53; Christmas Pageant '52; Bowling 
All Star '52; Bowling Manager '52; Ping 
Pong Manager '53; Nominating Committee 
'51-'53; Mu. 

Nancy Rawlins McIver New Orleans, La. 

New Orleans, accent, Tea Sigmas 1 
Orchesis '52-'53; President of Letter Club 
'52-'53; Sigma Cheerleader '5 1 -"53; Christ- 
mas Pageant '52; Life Saving '52; Sigma. 

Frances McColl McNeill 

Laurinburg, N. C. 
wit, jancy-jree, bubbly 

Canterbury Club '51-'53; Altar Guild '52- 
'53; Christmas Pageant '52; Life Saving 
'52; Belles Staff '51-'53; Mu. 

Charlotte Marion Nicoll 

Charlotte, N. C. 
"Susie," frantic, Charlotte spirit 

Canterbury Club '51-'53: Altar Guild '51- 
'53; Vice-President of Junior Class '51-52: 
Sigma Pi Alpha '51 -'53; Belles Staff '51 -'53; 
Stage Coach Staff '51-'53; Circle '52- 
'53; Treasurer "52-'53: Vice-President of 
Student Government '52-'53: Honor Council 
"52-'53; Legislative Body '52-'53; Chairman 
of Constitution Committee '52-'53; Hall 
Counselor "52-'53; Christmas Pageant '52; 

Gene Harriet Overbeck 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

effervescence, originality, dancing 
Canterburv Club '51-'53: Altar Guild '52- 
'53; Dramatics Club "51-'53: Belles Staff 
'52-'53;.May Day Pageant "52-'53: Christmas 
Pageant '52; Director of Senior Follies '53; 
Life Saving '53; Modern Dance Award 
'52; Dance All Star '52: Orchesis "51-'53: 
President '52-'53; Hall Representative '51- 
'52; Glee Club '51-"52: Dance Marshal 
'51-'53; Hall Counselor '52'53: Marshal 
'52-'53; Mu Cheerleader "52-'53; Mu. 




Lucile Christine Overton 

Newport News, Va. 

West Point, Virginia accent, personable 

Glee Club '51-'53; Librarian '51-'52; Dra- 
matics Club '50-'53; Acolyte '52-'53; Life 
Saving '52; Sigma Pi Alpha '53; Vice- 
Counselor '52-'53; Sigma. 

Anne Elizabeth Penn Danville, Va. 

"Da-yunville," remarks, striking 

Altar Guild '51-'52; Dramatics Club '51-'52; 
Orchesis '51-'52; Belles Staff '51-'52; Hall 
Counselor '52-'53; Sigma. 

Siewers Anne Peoples Pittsboro, N. C. 

smiles at 7:30 a.m., sweetheart, magnetic 

Canterbury Club '51-'53; Granddaughters' 
Club '51-'53; May Day Pageant '52; Altar 
Guild '51 -'53; President '52-"' 53; Vice-Coun- 
selor '52-'53; Christmas Pageant '52; Mu. 

Haffve Elaine Sevvell Erwin, N. C. 

red pedal pushers, laugh, cut up 

Canterbury Club '51-'53; Choir '51-'53; 
Glee Club '51-'53; Sigma Cheerleader '51- 
'53; Chief '52-'53; Altar Guild '52-'53; Stage 
Coach Staff '52-'53; Server '52-'53; Dance 
Marshal '52-'53; Orchesis '52-'53; Sigma; 

Circle '53 

Katherine Boyes Smith Biltmore, N. C. 

boys, blue eyes, unpredictable 

Canterbury Club '51-'53; Altar Guild '51- 
'53; Choir '51-'53; Life Saving '52; Vice- 
Counselor '52-'53; Christmas Pageant '52; 

Paula Mortimer Smith Pensacola, Fla. 

strawberry blonde, squeals, Mr. Moore 

Canterbury Club '51-'53; Dramatics Club 
'51-'53; Altar Guild '51-'53; Choir '52-'53; 
Nominating Committee '52-'53; Mu. 



Helen Joyce Sparger Raleigh, N. C. 

some driver, that laugh, fun 

Glee Club '52-'53; Ensemble '51-'52; Christ- 
mas Pageant '52. 

Edna Jacquelyn Steed Raleigh, N. C. 

Jackie, friendly, leadership 

President of Day Students '52-'53; Circle 
"52-'53; Legislative Bodv '52-'53; Secretary 
'52-'S3; Glee Club '51-'53; Mu. 

Cynthia Jeanne Summers Richmond, Va. 

Jeanne, Chapel Hill, blond beauty 

Y.W.C.A. '49-'50; Doctor's Daughters Club 
'49-'50; Orchesis '49-'53; Dramatics Club 
'49-'51 ; Beacon '40-'51 ; Orchesis All Star '51 ; 
A Midsummer's Night's Dream '51: May Das- 
Pageant '50-'51; Sigma. 

Mary Virginia Timberlake 

Roxboro, N. C. 

conscienciousness, sweet, perfect lady 

Canterbury Club '51-'53; Secretary '52-'53: 
Nominating Committee '51-'53; Junior Class 
Treasurer '51-'52; Sigma Pi Alpha '53: 
Altar Guild Secretary '52-'53; Vice-Counse- 
lor '52-'53; Sigma. 

Emily - Mizelle Urquhart 

Woodville, X. C. 

elegance, perfect lady. Belles 

Canterbury Club '51-'53: Vice-President 
'52-'53; Altar Guild '51-'53; Editor-in-Chief- 
of Belles '52-'53: Sigma Pi Alpha '53 
Christmas Pageant '52; Orchesis "51-'53 
Hall Counselor '52-'53; Granddaughters 
Club '51-'53: Crucifer "52-53: Mu; Circle 

Cynthia Wood Ward Elizabeth City, X. C. 

efficient, cashmere sweaters, Duke or Carolina? 
Y.W.C.A. '50-'53; Stage Coach Staff '51- 


Editor-in-Chief '52-'53: Hockey All 
"51: Belles Staff "51-'52; Christmas 

Pageant '52; May Day Pageant '52; Mu 
Cheerleader "51-'53: Assistant Chief '52-'53; 
Vice-Counselor '52-'53; Sigma Pi Alpha 
53: Mu; Circle '53. 




Paula Fredrick Whitaker 

Kinston, N. C. 

leadership, indespensible, industrious 

Y.W.C.A. '51-'53; Belles Staff '51-'52; News 
Editor '52-'53; Legislative Body '51-'53; 
Circle '52-'53; President '52-'53; Doctor's 
Daughters Club '51-'53; Vice-President '52- 
'53; President of Senior Class '52-'53; Altar 
Guild '51-'53; Sigma Pi Alpha '53; Christmas 
Pageant '52; Hall Counselor '52-'53; Sigma. 

Barbara Sheppard White 

Greenville, N. C. 

sweet, talent, radiant 

Canterbury Club '51-'52; Choir '51-'53; 
President '52-'53; Glee Club '51-'53; Li- 
brarian '51 -'53; Ensemble '51-'52; Grand- 
daughters' Club '51-'53; President '52-'53; 
Christmas Pageant '52; Hall Counselor 
'52-'53; Mu. 

Margaret Davis Williams Edenton, N. C. 

jreckles, naivete, undecided now 

Canterbury Club '51 -'53; Doctor's Daughters 
Club '51-'53; Altar Guild '51-'53; Sigma. 

Joyce Ann Woodard Raleigh, N. C. 

shy, neat, well-dressed 

Sigma Pi Alpha '53; Y.W.C.A. '52-'53; 


&fate, %i4t<nef, 

It was September 17, 1951, and the twelve returning 
juniors were on Smedes steps to greet the seventy-seven 
new girls who would be in their class. Lines formed to 
the right and to the left; friendly old girls greeted fright- 
ened new ones. But by some miracle we were all settled 
by the end of the day; although a few were homesick 
that first night, most of us had great fun meeting future 
friends and playing "do-you-know?" 

Orientation week was filled with Iowa State tests, 
picnics, parties, hall skits, the Old Girl-New Girl party, 
confusion, and doubt. At our first breakfast, lipstick 
quickly classified the new girls. And when our councelors 
tried to explain the rules, our expressions confessed our 
lack of understanding. Truly, we were green first-yearers. 

A week after school had opened, we sat with books 
in hand and stared unbelievingly at the long assign- 
ments. However, we soon became accustomed to such 
and welcomed the week ends which brought blind 
dates and girl-break dances. Shortly after our class 
elections in October we began working on our Junior 
Halloween party; we had a delightful time and hope 
that others enjoyed it as much as we did! In November 
we were thrilled to find many petitions passed, thereby 
getting many new privileges. Then came the long- 
awaited Thanksgiving holidays; although we loved 
Saint Mary's, we were anxious to go home for a few 
days. Just three weeks later we watched our. first Christ- 
mas pageant and heard for the first time the seniors' 
beautiful caroling. 

Christmas, however, came to an end, and lacking 
enthusiasm, we returned to Saint Mary's. After a few 
weeks of classes, we faced our first exams which were 
followed by a short rest. 

With second semester came plans for the future. 
The student body began electing Student Government 
officers in February, and then we had our own class 
elections. Thinking back now, we made excellent 
choices, for our officers fulfilled their duties exceedingly 
well. On the sunporch as early as March, a few girls 
got tans while others only came down with the flu. 
Soon we were all working hard on plans and decorations 
for May Day and the Junior-Senior. The six from our 
class in the May Court added immensely to May Day, 
the theme of which was Toyland. That night we enter- 
tained the seniors at the Junior-Senior dance, and in 

recognizing the beauty of Stairway to the Stars, we 
realized that cutting out the many stars was well worth- 
while. It seemed strange that later in the month we 
should take over the seniors' duties; actually, it was 
sad but made us realize that we would soon be seniors 

After final exams we learned that the kicking post 
and the Old Girl-New Girl party were not the only 
Saint Mary's traditions, for there were the Shake- 
spearean play, the Glee Club Concert, and the dropping 
of the handkerchief at the closing of the school year. 

September 1952 began months of happiness for us as 
seniors. This time we greeted Orientation Week with 
less bewilderment and did our best to make the new- 
girls feel at home. We got a different view of Saint 
Mary's traditions and started out with a peaceful year. 
Some of the most memorable events came at Christmas 
time: for weeks we had been cutting out thousands of 
snowflakes for our Senior Dance, and we had the times 
of our lives that day! Barbara, Singing as the Virgin 
Mary, in the Christmas pageant, added beauty and 
dignity to the service; and then the day we left for home, 
we fifty-seven seniors rose early to sing carols to those 
still sleeping. Despite the unpleasant parts, and there 
were a few in these activities, we had a marvelous time 
and realized what a fine and united class ours was. 
When we returned from Christmas holidays, we stared 
enviously at diamonds and crammed for exams. Getting 
through that senior English was something else! 

During the second semester the Senior Follies de- 
manded time, but it was more fun than work! May 
Day was exceptionally wonderful that year. Queen 
Sarah looked lovely amid the activities of the Old 
Southern Plantation. Afterwards the juniors gave us 
a wonderful dance, for which we appreciated all their 

When the juniors took over their new offices in the 
spring and we stepped down, regretfully we began 
reminiscing and realized that the end had come. Exams, 
another Shakespearean play, another Glee Club Con- 
cert, our own baccalaureate service, and commence- 
ment itself assured us that our days at Saint Mary's 
were over. All, all too soon shouts of joy and tears of 
regret ruled the day, for we had graduated from Saint 


(Pfate, *P*iofi6ecty 

Dear Gene, 

I just got back from Europe and I couldn't wait to write you all about 
it. The boat trip, moonlight nights on the Riviera, gondclas in Venice, 
Maximes, but wait- — I'll just have to start from the beginning. 

The first thing I did was nearly miss my plane to New York. You 
can't tell me we don't live in a fast moving society. The engines began 
to roar the minute I stepped on and we reached an altitude of 5,000 
feet before I got my safety belt fastened. Finally when I was all settled 
I turned around and who do you think I saw? Pat Flowers. I guess she 
forgot her dramamine for she looked rather green and I heard her say 
something to the steward about seme fresh air. Then listening more 
closely, I heard him reply: "No, Miss, I'm sorry, but we just can't raise 
the windows." He adjusted the air conditioner; however, and she be- 
came in high spirits almost immediately. We had a wonderful time 
talking about old times at St. Mary's and she told me that Barbara 
White and Harriet Harris arc her suite-mates at the Barbizon in New 
York. Barbara is an understudy of Lily Pon's besides being a student 
at Julliard. Pat said that Barbara is realty excited because Lily has 
promised her that she can take the place of the flute in her famous duet. 
Harriet and Pat are both working at the Metropolitan and starting 
next week they get their names in lights. 

Our conversation was interrupted by an announcement that we 
were preparing to land in New York. When we landed, Pat and I bade 
one another farewell and I joined the tour at the Statler Hotel. We 
spent a day of shopping ancl a night of visiting fabulous restuarants 
and seeing shows etc. before boarding ship. We ran into Barbara and 
Coach at the Stork Club when we had dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Shearer 
seemed very happy. They were embarking the next morning for Norway 
where Coach's team represented the United States in the Olympics. 
While shopping that morning, I ran into Martha Cope, Jackie Steed, 
and Joyce Sparger who are working at Montaldo's. When I saw them 
a new shipment of clothes had just arrived and they were waiting on 
each other; customers lined up eighteen deep before the manager finally 
corrected the situation. 

The next morning we boarded ship — "The Lineberger," owned 
by Justin Smith. He named it for his loving wife, Doris Ann. The first 
persons I saw were Peggy Mitchiner and Patsy Daniels who were touring 
Europe also for the third time. Patsy deliberately left her pedal pushers 
in a French hotel so she'd have an excuse to return. The first thing we 
did after being assigned to our state rooms was to tour the ship. Pausing 
at the stern to feel the ocean breeze, who should we spy but Paula Smith 
cutting the wake with knife-like motions; she was, we found out later, 
practicing to take her tune in the Olympics after conquering the English 
Channel. Between swallows of the briny she managed to babble. "If 
I can swim through C.A.P.'s English, I can swim the Ocean." Lowering 
fcod and water to her were three ship hostesses, Betty Byrum, Virginia 
Currin, and Lucile Overton. When Virginia wasn't taking her turn 
at watch, she was writing her thesis — the only thing she lacks on her 

Suddenly we were distracted when a 120-foot yacht passed us and 
we were able to read the huge lettering on the side "Touring the World- 
Queen of the Mardi-Gras — Miss Nancy Mclver." 

We were then distracted again when we felt rice pelting on our shoul- 
ders and turned to see Donna and Fred rushing away from ship-board 
wedding. Cocky Smith, Donna's only attendant after mysteriously 
catching the bouquet, became so excited that she nipped and fell light 
into Captain George's arms. Coincidence? 

That night at dinner, the floor show opened with a can-can, starring 
Rachel Brooks, Gina Timberlake, Peggy Gwaltney, Lib Gillett, Bebe 
Correll, and featuring mainly Miss Isabella Mebane — world-famous for 
her combination of can-can, and ballet which she performed simul- 
taneously with her rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In." 
The next number on the program was a modern ballet to the tune of 
"Slaughter on Tenth Avenue," featuring Susie Nicoll and Libby Huffman 
assisted lay Ricardo Montalban and Gene Kelly. The applause was so 
great that we were unable to hear the announcement of the next number 
but I recognized Emilie Adams as she swept into the spotlight and did a 
take-off on "Spellbound." She signed three Hollywood contracts before 
the act was completed. 

England was wonderful and we managed to get an appointment with 
Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham palace. During our chat we were 
served tea by her favorite lady-in-waiting, Ann Carlton. Just as we 
were leaving, in walked the Big Three after a serious conference: Joseph 
Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Nell Eley. Nell won the last election 
by a slight margin over Eisenhower. 

Paris was simply out of this world. At Maximes, Eleanor Lancaster 
doing summer work, waited on our table and the floor show was ex- 
quisite. We saw a dance taken from the latest production of "Red Shoes" 
based on your School of Ballet, Gene. You've really hit the top, kid. 

and was I proud! Before leaving for Rome, we visited a house of famous 
Paris fashions where Paula Whitaker modeled for a minimum of six 
thousand a week. 

Rome was out of this world and while touring the old ruins we saw 
Emily Urquhart, famous architect, constructing a new arena. Her 
complaint was that one of the old ones, after standing for 2,000 years. 
finally collapsed; it couldn't stand the strain of another of Sara Fair's 
Girl-break dances. 

After that, Gene, we sailed for New York and plainly enough, that 
about winds up my trip. I just wish you could have been along. I'll be 
waiting patiently for a detailed description of your trip, too. Don't 
forget to tell me who you saw. 



Dear Deedee, 

I was so thrilled to get your letter about your fabulous trip to Europe. 
Sounds like you saw half our Class of '53 while you were over there! 
I think I've seen the other half since I took my trip to South America. 
Guess who my travel agent was? Genevieve James! She and Elizabeth 
Lynn are leading the gayest lives travelling about the continent for a 
huge airline company. Working for the same company are Jo Eaddy 
and Shirley Habel who really look good in their airline hostess uniforms. 
They were both hostessing on my plane and had lots of news about 
Barbara Brown and Ann Penn. They've been working in Rio for a 
coffee bean company. (Ann got her start at S.M.S. drinking instant 
coffee during senior exams.) I went to Mexico first to visit my old room- 
mate, Carolyn Landis. She has been interested in Mexico ever since 
someone sent her a silver belt ior her twentieth birthday. Really, she's 
just the perfect little housewife. Emily Urquhart lives a few acres away 
from Carolyn in a very cozy little house (only twenty-six rooms). Emily 
finds the environment inspiring for the plot of her newest Wild West 
novel. She told me of Cindy Ward's latest successful journal, "Who's 
Who in Hollywood." There's a whole chapter about Frances McNeill, 
Hollywood's most hilarious comedienne. Frances has twelve French 
poodles, each of a different color, to match her Parisian hats. 

I finally left Mexico and set out for Colombia to visit Jeanne Summers, 
South America's good-will ambassadress. She and Haffye Sewell should 
have all our international problems solved soon, because they have a 
solution that never fails — those same big smiles that everybody loved 
at S.M.S. From Colombia I went to Argentina to see Louise Brand and 
Georgia Moore's huge cattle ranch. They always said they'd have thick 
steaks (and the lazy luxurious life that accompanies thick steaks) and 
believe me, they weren't exaggerating. When I was about to leave, who 
should gallop up but Nancy Booth and Peggy Williams? They've been 
living on a dude ranch since they left school. (Any connection to life 
in Holt Hall is purely coincidental.) Seems that the dude ranch fever 
was spreading, because they were expecting Ann Peoples and Sue 
Chamblee to arrive any minute. Ann was coming for a much needed 
rest since she had been hostessing for all the Lambda Chi rush parties. 

I left for Brazil soon after Ann and Sue arrived. We left civilization 
behind and flew over the jungle. Just as we got over the darkest part, 
the engine failed, and we had to land in a grove of coconut tree:;. Just 
when we were about to give up all hope of rescue, a group of natives 
arrived, escorting their sun goddesses, Betsy Gorham and Bet Allen. 
They decided they were through with the quiet, dignified side of life, 
so they left on a jungle caravan soon after graduating from S.M.S. 
Betsy said that her only link with civilization was an occasional letter 
from Frances-Wright Kelly, who is living in the frozen north in an igloo. 
She doesn't seem to mind it, though. With the help of the natives, we 
soon had the plane in flying condition again, and bidding goodby to 
Betsy and Bet, headed toward Rio. I was so tired by that time that I 
decided to shorten my trip and go straight on to Cuba. In the waiting 
room at the airport, I heard a guitar, and some Cubans singing a familar 
tune — at last "Cry Baby, Cry" had achieved international fame! I 
remembered how you used to play for us in the parlor and in assembly. 
Just at that moment who should walk in but Becky Gordon. She and 
Syb Hamer were flying back to New York to preside over a fashion 
review. They are fast becoming the top designers in the nation. We 
promised to meet in the Biltmore the following week (under the clock 
of course), and with that promise I said goodby, hopped on a pogo 
stick, the latest type of transportation in Cuba, and went to my hotel. 
I slept for about a week, I was so exhausted, and left soon after for home. 
Trips are wonderful but I really don't think this one would have been 
worth it if I hadn't seen so many of our old classmates. 

Write me again soon and keep turning out those hit songs! 

Lots of love, 


^a&t Ti/cU and 7e&tame*t£ 

We, the Senior class of 1953, being of anemic body and nervous 
mind, with tears in our eyes because we are about to leave the 
haunts of our girlhood, now bequeath the following articles in 
the manner named below. 

Article I 

To Dr. Stone we would like to leave a million dollars for the 
Endowment Fund. Unable to do this, we leave our appreciation 
and a million kisses which, although invaluable, will be hard to 

To Miss Jones we leave our gratitude for her sincere interest in 
each one of us. Without her guidance our life at Saint Mary's 
would have been a little empty. 

To Mr. Moore we leave another volume of How To Understand 
Women. We hope that he will study it carefully for his summer 

To the rest of the faculty we leave our solemn promise that 
we will spend the summer searching madly for a group of pro- 
spective PHD's which we will recruit for the '53-'54 student body. 

Article II 

I, Bet Allen, leave the faculty house to Miss Blackiston. 

I, Nancy Booth, leave the sweet, co-operative darlings of First 
Holt to their mothers who may be able to control them. I can 
understand the magnitude of their problem. 

I, Louise Brand, bequeath my timid ways to Ellen Ozon. 

I, Rachel Brooks, leave my position on the Honor Council to 
any Junior who likes late hours. 

I, Barbara Brown, leave my psychology textbook to the birds 
who may understand it better than I did. 

I, Donna Bull, leave my sweet, neat and stable roommate, 
Cockie Smith, to anyone who will have her. 

I, Betty Byrum, leave my overflowing energy to Ann Ayers 
who hardly needs it. 

I, Ann Carleton, leave my quiet attentiveness in class to Betty 

I, Barbara Carter, leave my sweet southern drawl to Harriet 

I, Susan Chamblee, will Richmond to the Yankees. 

I, Martha Cope, leave the rest of the State Sigma Pi's to Betty 
Ruth Martin. 

I, Bebe Correll, bequeath my confused love life to Timmy 
Timmons who never seems to have any trouble with Cupid. 

I, Ginger Currin, leave my A's to the Junior class — there are 
enough to go around. 

I, Patsy Daniels, leave my ability to speak French to anyone 
who is not planning to tour France. My French is the home- 
grown variety and might not be understood by a Frenchman 

I, Deedce Davenport, leave my ability to walk the top of 
covered way at night to the rising Seniors who will need something 
of the sort to make life exciting. 

I, Jo Eaddy, leave my complete calmness to the Day Students' 
room. It needs calmness badly. 

I, Sara Fair, leave my wide awake and clear-headed approach 
to life to Lane Harvey. 

I, Pat Flowers, leave my understanding of the world situation 
to Eisenhower. 

I, Lib Gillett, leave my system of asking questions in class to 
anybody who wants to stall for extra time. 

I, Becky Gordon, leave my assembly bell for a liberty bell. 

I, Betsy Gorham, leave my unflustered ways to B-2 Nash. 

I, Peggy Gwaltney, leave all the unattached Duke Pika's to 
the Student Body. Phil's all I want. 

I, Shirley Habel, will the presidency of Sigma Pi Alpha to any 
Junior who has a passing acquaintance with a foreign language. 

I, Syb Hamer, leave what's left of my nervous system to Saint 
Mary's in hopes that some small mouse may be able to use it. 

I, Harriet Harris, return the organ to Mr. Broughton. 

I, Libby Huffman, leave my love for the movies to Linda Ander- 
son who never liked to study, anyway. 

I, Frances-Wright Kelly, leave with a smile, no tears, and a 
thousand Hallelujahs. 

I, Eleanor Lancaster, leav« my gift of gab to Margo Hester. 

I, Carolyn Landis, leave my laugh to Efttie Chonis. 

I, Doris Ann Lineberger, leave my eyes, eye-lashes and all to 
Bobby (Eyes) Coleman. 

I, Elizabeth Lynn, will my charm and poise to Alice Bost. 

I, Isabella Mebane, will my News and Observer route to any 
girl who wants to try and collect money from a bunch of broke 

I, Peggy Mitchiner, leave my fabulous tales of Raleigh to 
Jeannette L'zzell who can add them to her fabulous tales of 

I. Georgia Moore, leave all the campus slips I have left (two 
in number) to next year's counselors. 

I, Nancy Mclver, will my love to the Big Four to Eve Hargrave. 

I, Frances McNeill, leave Second Holt to join Arthur Godfrey 
and his comedy hour. 

I, Susie Nicoll, happily leave Orientation Week, English and 
study hall to next year's vice-president. 

I, Gene Overbeck, leave my one lock of over-hanging hair to 
Frances Perry. 

I, Lucile Overton, will my storybook romance to Sydna Rustin 
who is never seen without a love story magazine. 

I, Ann Penn, leave my undying love for English to Mela Royall. 
I think she may make more A's than I did. 

I, Haffye Sewell, bequeath my quiet, ladylike, tinkling laugh 
and my trusty uke to Blanny Robertson. Carry on Blanche. 

I, Cockie Smith, leave the Biology department at SMS for 
the Chapel Hill Arboretum which offers unlimited opportunity 
for the study of Botany. 

I, Paula Smith, leave Saint Mary's bankrupt after too many 
trips to Dr. Hayward's office. 

I, Joyce Sparger, leave my Hemingway-like writing talents to 
Irene Emory. 

I, Jackie Steed, leave all the day students and their lovely 
room to next year's prexy. Good luck dear child. 

I, Jeanne Summers, bequeath my lovely little pony-tail hair-do 
to Gwcn Grizzard. 

I, Gena Tirnberlakc, leave my quiet, petite way to Glenn 

I. Emilie LTrquhart, leave five dozen boxes of atomic aspirin 
to next year's Belles editor who will need everything she can get 
to combat headaches. 

I, Cynthia Ward, bequeath my ability to dance the "Nags Head 
Barefoot Hop" to Baby Rea Elliott who will undoubtedly find a 
good use for it. 

I, Paula Whitaker, leave my Circle torch to the Statue of 

L Barbara White, leave my ability to carry a tune to Ann 
Gregory who sings "God Save the Queen" so beautifully. 

I, Peggy Williams, bequeath my ability to get into mischief 
to B. G. Athey who already has some talents along that line. 
' I, Joyce Woodard, leave a parting word of advice for the rising 
Seniors. Be sure you room on the Third Holt. 

We, the testators, Adams, Eley and Matheson leave for that 
earthly paradise, that little spot of hollowed soil, that veritable 
L> topia, known in the vulgar tongue as Ahoskie. 

We, the testators, representing the Senior Class, do appoint 
the honest faculty to administer this, our last will and testament, 
on this first day of June, 1953. 


fanco* @tate< 

Top: President, MARIE TIMMONS; Vice-President, LAURA ER- 
VIN; Secretary, CONNIE SHANER; Treasurer, ISABEL MAST- 



First row, left to right: Adams, Tommie Patricia, Fayetteville, N. C; Allen, Margaret Couper, Ft. Monmouth, N. J.; 
Anderson, Ann Scott, Wilson, N. C; Anderson, Lynda Jay, Charlotte, N. C; Athey, Betty Clare, Baltimore, Md. 

Second row: Atkins, Frances Louise, Lillington, N. C; Bailey, Anne Marie, Rocky Mount, N. C; Baker, Martha Kay, 
Timmonsville, S. C; Baldridge, Carolyn Douglas, Winston-Salem, N. C; Barber, Martha Adeline Cousins, Raleigh, N. C. 

First row, left to right: Baugh, Betsy Ross, Wendell, N. C; Bell, Alice Rebecca, Cairo. Ga.; Bost, Alice Lyerly. Hickory, 
N. C; Bradley, Cynthia Howe, Wilson, N. C; Burnette, Mary Grady, Raleigh, N. C. 

Second row: Callaway, Sylvia, Pinehurst, N. C; Cheek, Cathryn Eva, Smithfield, N. C; Clark. Lorrie Ingram, Candor, 
N. C; Clayton, Mary Elliott, Clayton, Ala.; Cobb, Sara Bordon, Goldsboro, N. C. 

Qj> (^ (^ 

1 sWh 





First row, left to right: Coleman, Cornelia Barbour, Richmond, Va.; Conger, Harriet Gillingham, Edenton, N. C; Cooper, 
Harriet Young, Henderson, N. C; Costenbader, Ann Barner, Washington, D. C; Cowden, Patricia Anne, Raleigh, N. C. 

Second row: Cowles, Sallie McRorie, Statesville, N. C; Cullen, Mary Elizabeth, Painter, Va.; Curry, Carolyn Joanne, 
Raleigh, N. C; Daniel, Betty Orr, Raleigh, N. C; DeLaney, Suzanne Krieg, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

First row, left to right: DeSaussure, Jeanne Cantey, Orange Park, Fla.; Dunn, Mary Windley, New Bern, N. C; Emory, 
Irene Ellis, Wilmington, N. C; Ervin, Laura Powe, Morganton, N. G; Eversman, Anne Simcox, Flat Rock, N. C. 

Second row: Ford, Virginia Louise, Lumberton, N. C; Fraser, Dorothy Elizabeth, Walterboro, S. G; Freeman, Ann 
Rector, Meridian, Miss.; Fuller, Robin McRea, Raleigh, N. C; Garriss, Mary Linda, Margarettsville, N. C. 




First row, left to right: Gillett, Jane Elizabeth, Davidson, N. G; Glenn, Nancy Barclay, Manhasset, N. V.; Grizzard, 
Mary Gwendolyn, Branchville, Va.; Hall, Leslie Perry, Oxford, N. C; Hardin, Mary Allan, Wilmington, N. C. 

Second row: Harriss, Virginia Bolles, Wilmington, N. C; Hart, Jcssinc Brooks, Goldsboro, N. C; Hayes, Mary Susan, 
Raleigh, N. G; Hedrick, Sarah Marilyn, Lenoir, N. G; Henderson, Frances Abbot, Lynchburg, \'a. 

First row, left to right: Herman, Emma Ruth, Enfield, N. G; Hester, Margo Erwin, Tryon, N. G; Holmes, Alice Elizabeth 
Wooten, Mount Olive, N. G; Holt, Anne Tristram, Ridgewood, N. J.; House, Elizabeth Hendricks, Beaufort, N. C. 

Second row: Howard, Sharlene Bcthea, Raleigh, N. G; Hoyt, Martha Pearce, Washington, N. G: Johnson, Joan Delano, 
Benson, N. G; Jordan, Mary Clement, Fayetteville, N. G; Kugler, Vail Freeman, Washington, N. C. 

Cv*f $ df 



First row, left to right: LaFar, Mary Lee Nelson, Gastonia, N. G; Lightsey, Ellen Glenn, Columbia, S. G; Lilly, Charlotte 
McMurray, Fayetteville, N. G; Lyon, Marianna Elizabeth, Durham, N. G; Martin, Anne Sexton, Richmond, Va. 

Second row: Masterton, Isabel Van Rensselaer, Hillsboro, N. G; Michal, Mary Lenoir, Boone, N. G; Middleton, Katharine 
Killian, Raleigh, N. G; McColman, Sara Ann, Gibson, N. G; McConnell, Jean Eva, Raleigh, N. C. 

First row, left to right: McGowan, Betty Lois, Greenville, N. G; Nash, Jaquelin Prince, Tarboro, N. C; Nelson, Carolyn 
Ann, Pinehurst, N. G; Nichols, Katherine Anne, Durham, N. G; Ozon, Ellen Lamar, Coral Gables, Fla. 

Second row: Parish, Lucy, Richland, Ga.; Pass, Nancy Maryc, Roxboro, N. G; Patman, Elizabeth Ann, Siler City, N. G; 
Paul, Alice Elizabeth, Washington, N. G; Pennington, Mary Elizabeth, Brodnax, Va. 



First row, left to right: Perkins, Virginia King, Greenville, N. C; Perry, Frances Cooper, Windsor, N. C; Perry, Patricia 
Marie, Winston-Salem, N. C; Piland, Linda Carol, Raleigh, N. C; Proctor, Elizabeth Gray, Marion, N. C. 

Second row: Rattray, Janet Griffith, Wilson, N. C; Reins, Rebecca Montague, North Wilkcsboro, N. C: Royall, Pamela 
Allen, Goldsboro, N. C; Russell, Nancy Duffy, Beaufort, N. G; Schirm, Erma Paschal, Savannah, Ga. 

First row, left to right: Seaman, Barbara Watson, Warrenton, N. C; Sechrest, Nancy Lou, Lexington, N. C: Shanrr, 
Constance Wilbourn, Lynchburg, Va.; Shapard, Sally Doar, Griffin, Ga.; Smith, Barbara Joan, Lexington, N. C. 

Second row: Smith, Pearl Weathers, Shelby, N. G; Smoot, Mary Ann, Greenville, N. G; Spain, Frances Hardee, Wash- 
ington, D. C; Stubinger, Frances Eugenia, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Swinson, Mary Jane, Lakeland, Fla. 







First row, left to right: Taylor, Janet, Nashville, N. C; Thayer, Myra Lynette, Louisburg, N. C; Timmons, Marie Hollings- 
worth, Columbia, S. C; Travis, Laura Ann, Charlotte, N. C; Uzzell, Jeanette Chadwick, Asheville, N. C. 

Second row: Walker, Alice Dillon, Washington, N. C; Wellons, Dorothy Allene, Fayettcvillc, N. C; Weston, Alma Hale, 
Charlotte, N. C; Williams, Elizabeth Boiling, Petersburg, Va.; Williams, Margaret O'Donnell, Raleigh, N. C. 

Third row: Winfield, Alice Ann, Chocowinity, N. C; Woodall, Susan Field, Atlanta, Ga. 


^Gt4i4teA,& @ta&& 

President, ANN GROOM; Vice-President, FERREL KEANE: Secretary, IRIS THOMAS: 


First row, left to right: Allen, Margaret Elaine, Cary, N. C; Avres, Ann Bird, Accomae, \'a.: Beverly, Mary Joyce, Bethel. 
N. C; Brown, Edna Faye, Enfield, N. C; Byrd, Sara Jane, Mount Olive, N. C." 


^>u&we&& Stucte*it& 

First row, left to right: Chonis, Dcmetra Eftchca, Monroe, N. C; Croom, Anne Baker, Raleigh, N. C; Elkins, Mary Cath- 
erine, Raleigh, N. C; Hatley, Edna Joy, Cary, N. C; Henry, Jean Moseley, Kinston, N. C. 

Second row: Keane, Constance Ferrel, Charlottesville, Va.; Morgan, Mona Jane, Durham, N. C; McCormick, Leonora, 
Columbus, Ga.; Perry, Anna Mae, Raleigh, N. C; Perry, Frances Cooper, Raleigh, N. C. 

Third row: Sanderson, Nancy Emilyn, Raleigh, N. C; Stallings, Peggy Joyce, Raleigh, N. C; Sugg, Peggy Ruth, 
Raleigh, N. C; Thomas, Marguerite Iris, Raeford, N. C; Whitford, Katherine Kinsey, New Bern, N. C. 


Sojwomone @t<te& \ 

esident, NANCY BOWLES; Vice-President, ANNE 
BYNUM; Secretary, SALLY HODGES; Treasurer, 


First row, left to right: Albright, Sarah Lynn, Colridge, N. C; Allen, Madeline May, Troy, N. C; Anthony, Louisa 
Penn, Hartsville, S. C; Barham, Harriette Ann, Raleigh, N. C; Bierer, Berkeley Harrison, Lexington, Va.; Boat- 
wright, Marilyn Kay, Richmond, Va. 

Second row: Bowles, Nancy Christine, Lexington, N. C; Bynum, Ann Applegate, Raleigh, N. C; Bynum, Mary Anne, 
Stantonsburg, N. C; Cawthon, Sarah Lovell, Tallahassee, Fla.; Clarkson, Margaret Simmons, Charlotte, N. C; 
Cocke, Charlotte Garland, Stony Creek, Va. 

First row, left to right: Cole, Carlene Page, Greenville, S. C; Dawson, Frances Lovelace, Stantonsburg, N. C; Dent, 
Elizabeth Hunter, Spruce Pine, N. C; Dry, Elizabeth Williams, Concord, N. C; Ervin, Dorothy Kimball, Morganton, 
N. C; Flythe, Margaret Virginia, Fieldale, Va. 

Second row: Gray, Hazel Wootton, Tampa, Fla.; Harding, Barbara Leigh, Halifax, Va.; Hargrave, Eva Hackney, 
Lexington, N. C; Harvey, Harriette Lane, Kinston, N. C; Heilig, Lucy Ragsdale, High Point, N. C; Hodges, Sarah 
Jane, Asheville, N. C. 






First row, left to right: Jones, Nancy Springs, Arlington, Va.; Kohlsaat, Cecily Gates, Princeton, N. J.; Lawson, Barbara 
Jane, Fairmont, W. Va.; Lincoln, Sara-Ann Chace, Baton Rouge, La.; Lindeman, Margery Kepper, Virginia Beach, 
Va.; Mansfield-Jones, Margaret Pendleton, Lookout Mountain, Tcnn. 

Second row: Martin, Belt)- Ruth, Raleigh, N. C; McMullan, Sally Wood, Elizabeth City, N. C: Owens, Lillian Duval, 
Atlanta, C; Parker, Mary Wright, Wilson, N. C; Patterson, Sally Hackney, Charlotte, N. C; Pearson, Ann Hoke. 
Southern Pines, N. C. 

First row, left to right: Peeler, Claudia Williams, Durham, N. C; Plowden, Norvelle Richardson, Summerton, S. C; 
Proctor, Frances Gilkey, Marion, N. C; Ratcliffe, Helen Michelle, Charlotte, N. C; Robertson, Blanche Spencer, 
Salisbury, N. C; Robinson, Ann Moore, Littleton, N. C. 

Second row: Rustin, Sydna Gray, Gastonia, N. G; Sheppard, Patricia Anne, Kinston, N. G: Sickles, Elizabeth Barber, 
Charlotte, N. G; Smith, Vandelia Drew, Raleigh, N. C; Smithdeal, Peggy Eaton, High Point, N. G; Stronach, 
Anne Cameron, Raleigh, N. G 

& a 



Left to right: Triplett, Lillian Weed, Lenoir, N. C: Tucker, Yelva Hayden, High Point, N. C; Weaver. Hannah 
Erwin Baird, Raleigh, N. C; Webb, Elizabeth Ann, Asheville, N. C; White, Irene, St. Augustine, Fla.; Whitfield. 
Katherine Rose, Kinston, N. C. 


^te^Amaa @ta,4& 

Class Officers 

President, DEBORAH CONNER; Vice-President, SUMNER PARHAM; Secretary, REBA WHITE; 
Treasurer, BARBARA HUNT. 

First row, left to right: Alston, Grace Jackson, Warrenton, N. C; Bisanar, Katherine Lee, Concord, N. C; Blades, 
Barbara Lee Bradford, Edenton, N. C; Bradford, Martha Jane, Marion, N. C; Capehart, Frances Marion, Orlando, 
Fla.; Conner, Deborah Jane, Charlotte, N, C. 





First row, left to right: Craven, Faith, Lexington, N. C; Dawson, Martha Virginia, Stantonsburg, N. G; Doar, Barbara 

Johnson, Raleigh, N. C; Dorris, Ann Markham, Raleigh, N. C; Elgin, Sarah Elizabeth, Princeton, N. J.; Elliott, 

Ann Elizabeth, Huntsville, Ala. 

Second row: Elliott, Ruth Rea Holmes, Edenton, N. C; Foy, Carolyn Alfred, High Point, N. C; Garrou, Genevieve 

Llewellyn, Snow Hill, N. C; Gee, Martha Ann Hazlewood, Kenbridge, Va.; Going, Mary Annie, Tryon, N. C; 

Grady, Martha Elizabeth, Lancaster, S. C. 

Third row: Gregory, Anne Elizabeth, Leamington, Ont., Canada; Heath, Lula Harriette, Sumter, S. C; Hunt, Barbara 

Ann, Lexington, N. C; Johnson, Ellen Keith, Raleigh, N. C; Jordan, Carolyn Anne, Smithfield, N. C; Kemper, 

Elizabeth Carol, Bluefield, W. Va. 

First row, left to right: Micham, Baine, Charlotte, N. C; McMullan, Lael Eileen, Elizabeth City, N. C; Parham, 

Sumner Fuller, Henderson, N. C; Rankin, Jamie Carroll, Lancaster, Ky.; Rose, Margaret Leah, Henderson, N. C; 

Rowland, Mary Searle Piatt, Durham, N. C, 

Second row: Sherrill, Doris Anne, Statesville, N. G; Skinner, Alma Phelps, Kinston, N. G; Smith, Nancy Chapel 

Elliott, New Canaan, Conn.; Speight, Alice Rachel, Winterville, N. C; Stuart, Sydney, Belmont, N. G; Swindell, 

Priscilla, Greensboro, N. C. 

Third row: Watkins, Ruth Parham, Henderson, N. C; Watt, Ann Eloise, Spartanburg, S. C; Westbrook, Jane Ward, 

Dunn, N. G; White, Elizabeth, Hartsville, S. C; White, Reba John, Lillington, N. G; Wolfe, Mary Bern, Henderson' 

N. C. 

i* w ir 

Special StotcUafo 

Edwina Clark Armstrong 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Stuart James 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Linda Bashford 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Margaret Uzzle Bowen 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Edna Fa ye Brown 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Jaqueline Alice Culler 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Julia Ann Gardner 
Raleigh, N. C, 

Betty Gray 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Sara Lutrelle Griffin 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Angela Griffith 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Marian James 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Betsy Virginia Purcelle 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Janie Jolly Ragsdale 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Peggy Ann Sullivan 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Glenn Lambeth Warren 
Raleigh, N. G. 

Carol Ann Williams 
Raleigh, N. C 

Mrs. Fred K. Garvey 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Mary Elizabeth Workman 
Raleigh, N. C. 




President of Student Government 

Vice-President of Student Government 


Chairman of Hall Council 

Student (feveiwptevtt C££icei& 


Secretary of Student Government 


Secretary of Hall Council 

President of Dav Students 


II. L.i. 

Rachel Brooks, Nell Elcy, Sylvia Hamer, Jean Henry, Margo Hester, Mary Michal, Susie Nicoll, Ann Pearson. 

^efyialative ^>ady 

Donna Bull, chairman; Jackie Steed, secretary; Alice Bost, Nancy Bowles, Ann Croom, Nell Eley, Laura Deane 
Matheson, Susie Nicoll, Beth Paul, Blanche Robertson, Marie Timmons, Mvra Thaver, Ruth Watkins, Katherine 
Whitford, Paula Whitaker. 

*%<ztt ^OUHCtt 

_ , I I 


Counselors: Emilic Adams, Nancy Booth, Rachel Brooks, Donna Bull, Anne Carlton, Blanche Correll, Dccdc Davenport, 
Harriet Harris, Frances-Wright Kelly, Laura Dcane Mathcson, Georgia Moore, Susie Nicoll, Gene Overbeck, Anne 
Penn, Emily Urquhart, Paula Whitaker. 

Vice Counselors: Bet Allen, Anne Bailey, Louise Brand, Barbara Carter, Nell Eley, Sylvia Hamer, Libby Huffman. 
Becky Gordon, Betsy Gorham, Lucile Overton, Anne Peoples, Katherinc Smith, Mary Virginia Timberlake, Cynthia 
Ward, Barbara White, Katherinc Whitford. 


Emily Urquhart 

Alice Bost 
Asst. Editor 

Harriett Conger 
Feat. Editor 

Paula Whitaker 
News Editor 

Emilie Adams, Madeline Allen, Grace Alston, Ann Scott Anderson, Frances Atkins, Betsy Baugh, Cynthia Bradley- 
Nancy Booth, Nancy Bowles, Mary Burncttc, Ann Carlton, Sue Chamblee, Cathryn Cheek, Lorrie Clark, Sara Cobb, 
Harriet Cooper, Bebe Corrcll, Liddy Cullcn, Mary Virginia Currin, Angela Derby, Betty Dry, Irene Emory, Laura 
Erwin, Pat Flowers, Peggy Flythe, Mary Linda Garriss, Ann Going, Becky Gordon, Lane Harvey, Margo Hester, 
Sally Hodges, Nancy Jones, Mary Lee LaFar, Carolyn Landis, Glenn Lightsey, Elizabeth Lynr, Anne Martin, Isabel 
Masterson, Laura Matheson, Isabella Mebane, Leo McCormick, Frances McNeill, Ann Nichols, Susie Nicoll, Gene 
Ovcrbeck, Sumner Parham, Libby Patman, Beth Paul, Ann Pearson, Frances Perry, Mela Royall, Pearl Smith, 
Timmie Timmons, Lillian Triplett, Betsy Webb, Renie White, Hannah Weaver, Gigi Williams, Alice Ann Winfield, 
Susan Woodall, Jeanette LIzzell. 


*7^ Staye @&&c6> 


Cynthia Ward 

Editor -in-Chief 

Nancy Booth 
Assistant Editor-in-Chief 

Sy'Lvia Hamer 
Art Editor 

Emilie Adams, Frances Atkins, Alice Bost, Mary Grady Burnette, Barbara Carter, Cornelia Coleman, Harriet Cooper, 
Blanche Correll, Betty Dry, Mary Windlcy Dunn, Irene Emory, Sara Fair, Pat Flowers, Ann Freeman. Linda Garriss, 
Eve Hargrave, Lane Harvey, Abbot Henderson, Margo Hester, Sharlenc Howard, Libby Huffman, Mary Jordan, 
Carolyn Landis, Frances McNeill, Susie Nicoll, Duval Owens, Sumner Parham, Sally Patterson, Beth Paul, Gray 
Proctor, Jamie Rankin, Blanche Robertson, Sydna Rustin, Haffyc Sewell, Drew Smith, Pearl Smith. Peggy Smithdcal. 
Bctsv Webb, Alice Ann Winfield. 




Jo Eaddv 
Business Manager 

Ann Scot Anderson, Alice Bost, Louise Brand, Genevieve James, Marie Tii 


7^ Scdtetw 


Emilie Adams 

Ann Scott Anderson, Nancy Bowles, Mary Virginia Currin, Irene Emory, Laura Ervin, Nancy Jones, Carolyn Landis < 
Mary Michal, Duval Owens, Sally Patterson, Ann Robinson, Lillian Triplett, and Reba White. 


*7&e &inc&e 








Deedee Davenport 

Susie Nicoll 



Vancy Booth 

Nell Eley 

Laura Mathcson 

Timmie Timmon: 

Alice Bost 

Syb Hamer 

Haffye Sewell 

Emily Urquhart 

Donna Bull 

Margo Hester 

Jackie Steed 

Cynthia Ward 


^<f Q 


Pres., Betsy Webb; Sec.-Treas., Lillian Triplett, Nancy Bowles, Anne Bynum, Page Cole, Sally Hodges, Sally Patterson, Ann Pearson. 


Margo Hester, President; Genna Tihberlake, Secretary; Nancy 
Booth, Treasurer; Emily Urquhart, Vice-President. 

(2<utt&i&wiy &(cc& 

Patricia Adams, Elizabeth Allen, Margaret Cooper Allen, 
Ann Scott Anderson, Penn Anthony, Betty Claire Athey, 
Carolyn Baldridge, Nancy Booth, Cynthia Bradley, Mary 
Grady Burnette, Sylvia Callaway, Ann Carlton, Barbara 
Carter, Sara Cawthon, Margaret Clarkson, Mary Clayton, 
Sara Cobb, Page Cole, Harriet Conger, Harriet Cooper, 
Bebe Correll, Sallie Cowles, Cornelia Coleman, Elizabeth 
Dent, Angela Derby, Mary Windley Dunn, Sally Elgin, 
Ruth Elliot, Elizabeth Elliot, Nancy Eversman, Sara Fair, 
Louise Ford, Dottie Fraser, Ann Freeman, Nancy Glenn, 
Ann Gcing, Elizabeth Grady, Anne Gregory, Gwen Griz- 
zard, Allan Hardin, Barbara Harding, Virginia Harriss, 
Abbott Henderson, Margo Hester, Elizabeth Holmes, 
Elizabeth House, Martha Hoyt, Elizabeth Huffman, 
Barbara Hunt, Nancy Jones, Mary Jordon, Frances- 
Wright Kelly, Elizabeth Kemper, Vail Kugler, Cecily 
Kohlseat, Charlotte Lilly, Glenn Lightsey, Sara Ann Lin- 
coln, Margery Lindeman, Margaret Mansfield-Jones, 
Anne Martin, Isabel Masterton, Mary Michal, Georgia 
Moore, Leo McCormick, Lael McMullan, Sally Wood 
McMullan, Frances McNeill, Susie Nicoll, Gene Overbeck, 
Ellen Ozon, Lucy Parish, Beth Paul, Mary Wright Parker, 
Ann Pearson, Anne Peoples, Claudia Peeler, Frances 
Perry, Patricia Perry, Janet Rattray, Ann Robinson, 
Blanche Robinson, Margaret Rose, Searle Rowland, Mela 
Royall, Nancy Russell, Barbara Seaman, Patty Schirm, 
Haffye Sewell, Sally Shapard, Constance Shaner, Alma 
Skinner, Katherine Smith, Drew Smith, Mary Ann Smoot, 
Mary Stiber, Frances Stubinger, Priscilla Swindell, Mary 
Jane Swinson, Virginia Timberlake, Emily Urquhart, Dill 
Walker, Renie White, Elizabeth Williams, Peggy Williams, 
Alice Ann Winfield, Mary Bern Wolfe. 

^r. W. e rf. 

Pres., TLmmie Timmons; Vice-Pres.^ Alice Bost; Sec. Treas., 
Betsy Webb; Emilie Adams, Sissy Albright, Grace Alston, 
Lynda Anderson, Penn Anthony, Frances Atkins, Kay 
Baker, Carolyn Balldridge Alice Bell, Berkely Bierer, Kay 
Boatwright, Joan Bradford, Rachel Brooks, Faye Brown, 
Donna Bull, Mary Ann Bynum, Betty By rum, Frances 
Capehart, Catherine Cheek, Eftehia Chonis, Lorrie Clark, 
Honey Cocke, Debby Connor, Dolly Craven, Liddy 
Cullen, Virginia Currin, Frances Dawson, Ginny Dawson, 
Susan DeLaney, Betty Dry, Nell Eley, Irene Emory, Dottie 
Ervin, Laura Ervin, Pat Flowers, Peggy Flythe, Carolyn 
Foy, Genevieve Garrou, Linda Garris, Bunny Gee, Becky 
Gordon, Betsy Gorham, Hazel Gray, Eve Hargrave, 
Jessine Hart, Sister Heath, Lucy Heilig, Emma P. Herman, 
Sally Hodges, Trissy Holt, Joan Johnson, Mary Lee LaFar, 
Barbara Lawson, Ann Martin, Laura Matheson, Baine, 
Micham, Ann Nichols, Mary Wright Parker, Nancy Pass, 
Sally Patterson, Ann Pearson, Claudia Peeler, Mary 
Elizabeth Pennington, Frances Proctor, Gray Proctor, 
Jamie Rankin, Janet Rattray, Blanny Robertson, Margaret 
Rose, Sydna Rustin, Nancy Sechrest, Barbara Smith, 
Sumner Parham, Nancy Smith, Pearl Smith, Peggy Smith- 
deal, Rachel Speight, Frances Spain, Sydney Stuart, Jean 
Summers, Cookie Tucker, Jeanette LIzzell, Cynthia Ward, 
Ann Watt, Ruth Watkins, Hannah Weaver, Allene Wcllons, 
Jane Westbrook, Betty White, Reba White, Paula Whitaker, 
Kathie Whitfield, Elizabeth Williams, Mary Bern Wolfe, 
Susan Woodall, Joyce Woodward, Doris Ann Sherrill. 


Pres., Mary Michal; Vice-Pres., Paula Whitaker; 
Sec.-Treas., Deedee Davenport; Anne Baily, Cath- 
ryn Cheek, Sara Cobb, Ann Costenbader, Dotty 
Ervin, Pat Flowers, Louise Ford, Ann Freeman, 
Betsy Gorham, Gwen Grizzard, Syb Hamer, 
Emma Ruth Herman, Barbara Hunt, Frances- 
Wright Kelly, Barbara Lawson, Laura Deane 
Matheson, Anne Nichols, Libby Patman, Pat 
Perry, Jeanne Summers, Peggy Williams. 

(foa9tdeUbocy6t&i& @lu& 

Pres., Barbara White; Vice-Pres., Bebe Correll; Sec., Jaquelin Nash; Treas., Mary Windley Dunn; Martha Barber, 
Louise Brand, Frances Capehart, Margaret Clarkson, Ann Dorriss, Sarah Elgin, Nancy Eversman, Carolyn Foy, 
Allan Hardin, Virginia Harriss, Lucy Heilig, Martha Hoyt, Barbara Hunt, Nancy Jones, Sara McColeman, Georgia 
Moore, Sumner Parham, Lucy Parish, Anne Pearson, Anne Peoples, Margaret Rose, Sally Shapard, Elizabeth Sickles, 
Mary Ann Smoot, Ann Stronach, Emily Urquhart, Alice Walker, Ruth Watkins, Harriet Conger, Killian Middleton. 

/tttat faild 

Pres., Anne Peoples; Sec, Genna Timberlake; Emilie 
Adams, Bet Allen, Anne Bailey, Kay Baker, Nancy 
Booth, Louise Brand, Donna Bull, Anne Carlton, 
Barbara Carter, Harriet Conger, Bebe Correll, Mary 
Linda Garriss, Becky Gordon, Margo Hester, Libby 
Huffman, Carolyn Landis, Glenn Lightsey, Mary 
Michal, Georgia Moore, Leo McCormick, Frances 
McNeill, Susie Nicoll, Gene Overbeck, Barbara Seaman, 
Haffye Sewell, Katherine Smith, Mary Jane Swinson, 
Emily Urquhart, Paula VVhitaker, Katherine Whitford, 
Peggy Williams. 


Betsy Baugh, Cynthia Bradley, Louise Brand, Rachel Brooks, Blanche Correll, Nancy Eversman, Peggy Gwaltney, 
Elizabeth House, Harriet Harris, Martha Host, Ferrel Keane, Beth Kemper, Margaret Mansfield-Jones, Isabella 
Mebane, Jaquelin Nash, Norvelle Plowden, Frances Proctor, Mela Royal, Haffye Sewell, Pat Sheppard, Katherine 
Smith, Paula Smith, Mvra Thaver, Iris Thomas, Barbara White. 

Siyma Pi s4lfi£a 

Pres., Shirley Habcl; Vice-Pres., Mary Virginia Currin; Sec.-7'reas., Elizabeth Lynn; Ann Scott Anderson, Nancy Booth, Alice Bost, Mary 
Burnette, Barbara Carter, Harriet Cooper, Mary Virginia Currin, Jo Frances Eaddy, Nell Eley, Laura Erwin, Ann Freeman, Betsy Gorham, 
Shirley Habel, Syb Hamer, Mary Hardin, Margo Hester, Trissy Holt, Genevieve James, Mary Jordan, Charlotte Lilly, Doris Ann Line- 
berger, Elizabeth Lynn, Mary Michal, Peggy Mitchiner, Georgia Moore, Susie Nicoll, Lucille Overton, Beth Paul, Linda Piland, Gray 
Proctor, Mela Royall, Barbara Seaman, Frances Stubinger, Janet Taylor, Mary Virginia Timberlake, Timmie Timmons, Emily Urquhart, 
Cynthia Ward, Paula VVhitaker, Joyce Ann Woodard. 

D%cwtaticA> &tcc& 

Pres., Emilie Adams; Vice-Pres., Mary Michal; Publicity Chairman, Martha 
Barber; Director, Miss Florence Davis; Patricia Adams, Elizabeth Allen, 
Madeline Allen, Lynda Anderson, Ann Ayers, Nancy Bowles, Louise 
Brand, Frances Capehart, Mary Clayton, Charlotte Cocke, Carlene 
Cole, Cornelia Coleman, Patricia Anne Cowden, Mary Virginia Currin, 
Carolyn Joanne Curry, Deedee Davenport, Elizabeth Dent, Jeanne 
DeSaussure, Betty Dry, Mary Catherine Elkins, Ann Elliott, Pat Flowers, 
Linda Garriss, Martha Gee, Jane Gillett, Ann Going, Anne Gregory, 
Elizabeth Gwaltney, Shirley Habel, Mary Allan Hardin, Virginia 
Harriss, Lane Harvey, Lucy Heilig, Margo Hester, Sally Hodges, 
Tristram Holt, Libby Huffman, Geneievve James, Joan Johnson, Nancy 
Jones, Betli Kemper, Barbara Lawson, Glenn Lightsey, Elizabeth Lynn' 
Margaret Mansfield-Jones, Betty Ruth Martin, Isabel Masterton, 
Mary Michal, {Catherine Middleton, Jaquelin Nash, Gene Overbeck, 
Duval Owens, Ellen Ozon, Sally Patterson, Ann Pearson, Anne Penn, 
Virginia Perkins, Frances Cooper Perry, Agnes Pierce, Norvelle Plowden 
Blanche Robertson, Ann Robinson, Nancy Russell, Sydna Rustin, 
Betty Sickles, Paula Smith, Pearl Smith, Drew Smith, Peggy Smithdeal, 
Mary Ann Smoot, Janet Taylor, Myra Thayer, Laura Ann Travis, 
Lillian Triplett, Jeanette LTzzeil, Betsy Webb, Barbara White, Irene 
White, Katherine Whitfield, Susan Woodall. 


*D<z*tce TftaiAhzfo 

Chief, Sara Fair, Becky Gordon, Haffye Sewell, Doris Ann Lineberger, Jean Overbeck, Charlotte Lily, Gray Proctor, Frances Perry, 
lin Nash, Kay Baker, Sydna Rustin, Betty Dry, Margaret Rose, Pat Cowden, Leo McCormick, Ann Ayers. 


$Cee gled 

Pres., Harriet Harris; Sec, Trissy Holt; Treas., Myra Thayer; Sarah Albright, Madeline Allen, Grace Alston, Alice Bell, Cynthia Bradley, 
Mary Clayton, Ann Costenbader, Pat Cowden, Suzanne DeLaney, Elizabeth Dent, Ruth Elliott, Nancy Eversman, Pat Flowers, Robin 
Fuller, Ann Going, Harriet Harris, Marilyn Hedrick, Emma Ruth Herman, Trissy Holt, Elizabeth House, Nancy Jones, Ferrel Keane, 
Margery Lindeman, Marianna Lyon, Margaret Mansfield-Jones, Isabel Masterton, Isabella Mebane, Baine Micham, Lucile Overton 
Linda Carol Piland, Frances Proctor, Nancy Russell, Peggy Smithdeal, Joyce Sparger, Jackie Steed, Frances Stubinger, Myra Thayer, 
Iris Thomas, Yelva Tucker, Jane Westbrook, Alma Weston, Barbara White, Betty White, Reba White, Katherine Whitford, Susan WoodalL 


Senior life at Saint Mary's was hard. Some played bridge, or went shopping. Some dated, while others waited. Some 
even studied — or at least tried to. 





















Donna Bull 


Marie Timmons 


' - ■ ST* . • 

;m ^L 

* &t^w~ >— -s^fiaaEMa* » -^HiH 



W 4 i 

■ ; Hi 

" ' . J 

fM i 

1 2 

^ ^T 



Betty Dry, Mary Windley Dunn, Carolyn Foy, Hazel Gray, Eve Hargrave, Lula Heath, May Jordan, Ferrel Keane, 
Nancy Mclver, Ellen Ozon, Haffye Sewell, Laura Ann Travis. 



Gray Proctor 

Deedee Davenport 


Nancy Bowles, Barbara Carter, Peggy Clarkson, Jo Anne Curry, Allan Hardin, Trissy Holt, Carolyn Landis, Sally 
Wood McMullan, Gene Overbeck, Frances Perry, Susan Woodall, Cynthia Ward. 


Nancy McIver 

Donna Bull 

Decdce Davenport 

Nell Eley 

Glenn Lightsey 

Mary Michal 

Gray Proctor 

Marie Timmons 







fW&y 'SaM 






Pres., Gene Overbeds; Vice-Pres., Carolyn Landis: Sec.-Treas., Kay Baker; Ann Bailey, Kay Baker. Patsy Daniels. 
Elizabeth Dent, Carolyn Landis, Elizabeth Lynn, Gene Overbeck, Jeanne Summers. Lillian Triplett. Emilv L'rquhart. 
Lynda Anderson, Harriettc Barham, Louise Brand, Cornelia Coleman, Bebe Corrcll, Bcttv Daniel. Sara Fair. Gcnnv 
Garrou. Barbara Harding, Virginia Harriss, Susan Hayes, Tristram Holt, Beth Kemper, Marv LaFar. Laura Matheson, 
Nancy Mclver, Georgia Moore, Jaquclin Nash, Ellen Ozon, Lucy Parish, Frances Perry, Gray Proctor, Searle Row- 
land, Barbara Seaman, Haffyc Sewell, Connie Shaner, Peggy Sugg, Mvra Thaver, Sydney Stuart. 





Libbv Huffman 

Syb Hamer 
Deedee Davenport 

Barbara Carter 
Sara Fair 

Gene Overbeck 


Way tZctew 

Sara 'paOi 





Maid of Honor: Nancy Bowles; Attendants: Anne Bailey, Barbara Carter, Eve Hargrave. Harriet Harris, Syb Hamcr, 
Libby Huffman, Doris Ann Lineberger, Laura Dean Matheson, Nancy Mclver, Gene Overbeds, Myra Thayer, 
Barbara White. 

TtUy ?>«*t-1952 

Our Toyland was beautiful with Pat Boesser reigning as May Queen. How we enjoyed the beautiful dolls, toy fairies, 
teddy bears, toy puppets, wooden soldiers, and the French dolls. We hated for the Grand March to come and to see 
the end of another beautiful Mav Day. 


~ »\ 


Z>oH*ta %uU 

'Deedec "DaveHfr&tt 



7UM Stey 

Safin, 'pact 


^eutna "Deatte 7%at6e6<ui 

Scuie TUcott 


Sntity 7t%qecfavtt 

"Paula ?(J&ita6en. 


^.cuvm, "Depute TtCeti&etoM, 

Sc6<kU Sficitt 



7UCC Sky 




S<vui 'pat* 




5— T 




w " * 91 


'"■■■' .'i 


4 ^1 









^^taccf^ t&t 






Bottled Under Authority of The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 

The Capital Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 


Bakers of 

Bell Bread and Cake 






8871 — DIAL— 8871 










Newest and Most Modern 


IiiBurance Building 


JSynum Printing, Company, 

J\alelyn y JVortn Carolina 







Cameron Village - Phone 3-3851 
Raleigh, N. C. 


1217 Hillsboro Street 

Phone 5834 

Complete Drug Store Service 





DIAL 2-3911 


Cut Flowers Corsages 

Graduation Bouquets Decorations 

PHONE 8347 


"We Grow the Flowers We Sell" 


Makers of Fine 

Photog raphs 

for Annuals 

PHONE 3-3512 


Richard G. Stone, President 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

High school graduates are offered two years of standard college work. 
The curriculum also includes 1 1th and 12th grades of high school work. 
All academic courses fully accredited by the Southern Association. 

Excellent Courses in Art, Business, Expression, Home Economics 

and Music Departments with Tuition included 

in General Charge 

Twenty-Acre Campus — Field Sports — Gymnasium — Tennis 
Indoor Tiled Swimming Pool — Horseback Riding — Golf 


Write for Catalogue and View Book 

Best Wishes 

Saint Mary's 



Arthur E. Buddenhagen 



Established 1881 





325-331 South Wilmington Street 






Friendly, Courteous Service 

PHONE 2-3212 

601 Hillsboro Street 

Com pit merits 


DIAL 5589 


Rocky Mount 



Young Carolinians 


Just as they did in 1952, young Carolinians everywhere are proving 
their mettle by planning and working to help their communities 
win the Finer Carolina Contest for '53! 

Building a Finer Carolina is everbody's job — so let's all get on the team! 
Now is your chance to prove again your right to help create your own 
opportunities. Meet this new challenge by pledging your services to your 
local Finer Carolina Committee. Help them now to build finer farms, finer 
towns and a finer future for all of us. 

We, at C. P. & L. Co., are trying to do our part by again 
sponsoring the Finer Carolina Contest for '53. We know 
we can rely on you young people to do your part, in 
making your communities finer places in which to live, 
work and play. 





Established in Raleigh in 1867 


Construction, Industrial and 


Logging Equipment 
Contractors' and Municipal Supplies 






"International Diesel Power" 

Raleigh Greenville Wilmington Charlotte 


Greensboro Asheville 

119 Fayetteville Street 



Compliments of 

Ambassador Theatre 


The Borden Co., White Dairy Products Div 

Holloway's Florist 

Boylan-Pearce. Inc. 

Hudson-Belk Company 

Brantley & Sons, Inc. 

Jean's of Raleigh 

T. H. Briggs & Sons, Inc. 


Martin Millwork 

Brogden Produce Company, Inc. 

Mitchell's Hair Styling Salon 

Brooks Recreation Center 

Neiman's. Jewelers & Silversmiths 

Canton Cafe 

Peter Pan Restaurant 

Edwards Drug Co. 

Raleigh Retail Furniture Association 

Enid's Dept. Store 

■ Stephenson Music Company 

Virginia Crabtree, Inc.